September 6, 2010

If you are looking for a Foley filer...

Please be patient and do not overpay.  In 4 months I found more machines than I needed on Craigslist within an hour or 2 away, and paid an average of $65 each.  My first one, a Model 61 filer, was in the next state.  The seller was passing through Richmond the next day and dropped it off at my house for an extra $25, and my total cost was less than his original price.

Some sellers, especially some on eBay, seem to have an inflated idea of what Foley filers are worth.  Based on my transactions and what I see on Craigslist across the country, there are quite a few Foley filers gathering dust.  Three of my buys were used in neighborhood sharpening shops in detached garages and had seen little or no use in 10 or 20 years.  The original owner may have passed away, and the seller will be a relative who will know very little about it.  So, please take your time looking.

I will be posting some links, but here's one for the Oshlun MTM-SD Side Dial Gauge (Set Gauge) for $48.98 on Amazon:

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