March 18, 2012

How to find a Foley saw filer on Craigslist

I have decided to open-source the Google search I developed for Craigslist ads.  Put this into the Google search box, changing the date as explained below: tls foley|belsaw 2012-03-14

You will have to change the date to search for ads posted each day.  I start with the current date and work backwards.  "tls" is the Craigslist abbreviation for the Tools category.  This is necessary for the search to work, but if you want to search other categories for other items, just change the abbreviation.  "foley|belsaw" searches for either word in the ad.

I developed this search after trying the Craigslist searches published on the internet, and as far as I can tell you get far better results and the most current ads with it.  The only drawback, other than having to change the date, is that it doesn't pull in ads from some cities.  I have no idea why.  You will have to experiment and see if it's pulling in all cities near you.  If not, just search that Craigslist for "foley|belsaw".

So far I have found 4 Model 61 filers and 3 Model 387 filers, 6 through Craigslist and one at an out-of-state auction.  My first Craigslist filer came from the next state, 2 from the next nearest cities to the north and east, and the rest locally.  One of those I found as I ran the Google search and was surprised to see my city pop up.  It was NOT my goal to buy 7 filers - several were package deals, to get a retoother or setter or just boxes of NOS saw files.  My average price was $31.60 for 13 machines and $1 each for files.

If you are looking for a saw filer, retoother, or setter, they are out there in garages, sheds, and basements.  Be patient, keep looking, and good luck!

If you are selling sharpening equipment, please contact me and I will post your ad with photos free on this site. 


  1. Just tried your Google search method and it works great. Couple of questions; First, how do you get that slash straight up between the words Foley belsaw? Second, If I wanted to search for Foley Belsaw model 310, how would I write it?

    Thanks for the awesome input!

  2. It's the upper case on the back slash key \| located below backspace on my desktop keyboard.

    When I use this search I rarely get more than a page so using 310 may not be needed, but I would use this:
    foley|belsaw 310

  3. Looking for information on Foley modern sharpener model 365 02