January 15, 2015

What is Foley equipment worth?

What is Foley equipment worth? For saw filers, setters, and non-carbide grinders, less than some sellers think these machines are worth.

For retoothers, they may be worth more than some sellers think, but only if they have ratchet bars. Here are "sold listings" US eBay prices since October 2014, without shipping:

$100 5 ratchet bars only
$165 5 ratchet bars only
$165 another 5 ratchet bars only
$200 retoother, 5 ratchet bars, 5 saw carriers
$250 retoother, 6 ratchet bars, 3 saw carriers, plus Model 200 filer, power setter, grinder
$335 retoother, 5 ratchet bars, 4 saw carriers, all very clean
$590 retoother, 7 ratchet bars, 3 saw carriers

There were several sales of retoothers without bars or saw carriers, but theses are not included because we do not know if the buyers realized what they were not getting.

This is the search.


  1. Hi, your search misses items like this:
    Not that I've seen one like this before!

  2. I was wondering why you haven't updated the blog....and then comes this story. Liked the langur shot.

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