June 2, 2019

Instruction Manuals Now on Vintage Machinery

The links on the right have changed for scanned Foley, Belsaw, and Foley-Belsaw instruction manuals and advertising. Everything that I had links for here is now on Vintage Machinery. Please use the new links on the right to view and download these manuals.

Some scans of Foley advertising will be going to Archive.org.

June 1, 2018

Ideal and Peerless Lawnmower Sharpener Catalog and Manual Now Available

There are now several scanned items for the Ideal and Peerless sharpeners by the Fate-Root-Heath Co. on Vintage Machinery. I will be adding more as I obtain them.

Also, I am looking for scanned instruction manuals for the BeMaCo saw filer by Beaver Manufacturing Co. of Inglewood, CA. Their saw setter manual is on Vintage Machinery.

February 22, 2016

Chart for Foley 357 Carbide Grinder

This large chart shows how to set hook and top clearances on the Foley Model 357 Carbide Grinder. This comes from John Wilson, a member of our Facebook group, thank you.
Link to chart

January 4, 2016

Wardwell Saw Filers and Saw Grinders

Google Books
Wardwell Manufacturing Co. of Cleveland, Ohio made band saw filers, saw grinders, saw setters, and other machinery. It began as a partnership between Frank Wellington Wardwell, Jr. (1878-1954) and Hugh B. Foley, inventor of the Foley saw filer. Foley-Wardwell Manufacturing Co. incorporated in 1912 in Cleveland. Despite their similar interests, the men separated about 2 years later, and the company changed names to Wardwell Manufacturing Co. In 1956 they were located at 3812 Ridge Rd., Cleveland, OH. The Wardwell Automatic Circular Saw Grinder Model 57T was sold at Leland-Gifford Products in Akron, OH until recently.

Frank Wardwell had at least 9 US patents. This Google Books link is to a 1915 article about Wardwell's metal cutting band saw sharpener, a much more sophisticated machine than Foley's saw filer at the time. I have scanned Wardwell's Catalog No. 48.

Some of Wardwell's filers used double-ended tapered saw files. I learned of the company from an eBay listing for files stamped "WARDWELL".

Here is a recent YouTube video of a Wardwell circular saw grinder running.
Google Books

October 24, 2015

Wanted - Instruction Manual For Foley Modern Sharpener Model 364950

A reader needs an instruction manual for this machine. He contacted Foley United and they don't have one. Please contact him here (email link).

May 30, 2015

Now on Facebook (updated post)

I have set up a Facebook group, to which any member can add or approve members. You do not have to be a "friend" to join the group. For now, this is an open group, meaning "Anyone can see the group, who's in it, and what members post."

To join just click on request to join on Facebook, or send me an email via Contact Me on this site. Activity in the group has just picked up (July 2015). It's a good way to ask questions, look for parts, and share your finds. I'm checking Facebook daily.

Foley Belsaw Saw Filer User Group

January 15, 2015

What is Foley equipment worth?

What is Foley equipment worth? For saw filers, setters, and non-carbide grinders, less than some sellers think these machines are worth.

For retoothers, they may be worth more than some sellers think, but only if they have ratchet bars. Here are "sold listings" US eBay prices since October 2014, without shipping:

$100 5 ratchet bars only
$165 5 ratchet bars only
$165 another 5 ratchet bars only
$200 retoother, 5 ratchet bars, 5 saw carriers
$250 retoother, 6 ratchet bars, 3 saw carriers, plus Model 200 filer, power setter, grinder
$335 retoother, 5 ratchet bars, 4 saw carriers, all very clean
$590 retoother, 7 ratchet bars, 3 saw carriers

There were several sales of retoothers without bars or saw carriers, but theses are not included because we do not know if the buyers realized what they were not getting.

This is the search.

January 6, 2014

One of the oldest known Foley Saw Filers sold on eBay 1/6/2014

eBay listing

This is the oldest Foley Saw Filer I have found for sale, and one of its patents predates Foley, below. This machine, like the other early Foleys, were for filing band saws. 

Patent US 679748, issued Aug. 6, 1901, Jacob E. Hillstrom, Michigan City, IN

Patent US 837922, issued December 11, 1906, Hugh B. Foley

January 1, 2014

Foley videos on YouTube and elsewhere

A recent web search found some new and better videos of Foley equipment in use. Here's a good one by Chris Schwarz, showing Tom Calisto cutting backsaw teeth on a hand-cranked Foley retoother at The Woodwright's School. While you are at it, search YouTube for Chris Schwarz's many videos on sharpening and woodworking.