September 12, 2010

What you hope is included with a used saw filer

When you buy used Foley or Foley-Belsaw equipment, chances are that you will deal with someone who knows nothing about it, like a relative of the original owner. If you are fortunate it will be in the building where it was used, allowing you and the seller to look for any items that should or could go with the filer. In order of importance, these include:

File holders; if there’s a file in the filer, you will have a pair, but there may be more.

Carrier bars, a minimum of one straight carrier, but possibly a crown carrier, a miter/back saw carrier, or others. As these are unpainted and have do not say “Foley” on them, the seller may not associate these with the machine.

For the F-61 filer, a pair of carrier gauges; I have only 1 set and they look homemade (page 7 of F-61 manual)

Instruction manual

Taper saw files



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