December 16, 2013

The Stand-All Saw Sharpener

Recently I learned of another mass-produced hand saw sharpener, the Stand-All, and here is what I have learned so far. If you have owned a Stand-All or know more about it, please contact me. 

Stanley Elias Matias Standal (1901-1958) was a Spokane, Washington inventor who patented a variety of items, primarily for industrial woodworking. Standal was a naturalized US citizen born in South Africa, and most of his patents were received in the early 1950s. His executrix, Elizabeth V. Standal, continued to apply for and receive patents for his inventions into the 1960s. For example, one patent was for an “inserted saw tooth with chip deflecting lip”.

A patent application gives Standal’s home address as 1302 15th St. (Ave.?) in Spokane, and his business was at 902 Normandie St., Spokane, a former industrial area near the Spokane River which is now office buildings and parking lots.

Stanley Standal filed for a patent November 5, 1951 for a “saw tooth forming and sharpening machine”, and patent number 2,675,717 was awarded April 20, 1954.
Link to Google Patents

Moon's Saw Shop, selling through Amazon, carries the 7" X 1/8" grinding wheels for the Model 7 Stand-All.

Here are photos from an October 2013 Craigslist ad for a Stand-All for sale in Oct. 2013:

Stand-All on

Stand-All Model 6 Operating & Maintenance Manual