May 29, 2016

Friction Drive Wheels Still Available

Foley-Belsaw has friction drive wheels for retoothers and 387 saw filers that were equipped that way. Here's a picture that a reader emailed me of his invoice, showing the part number. Click on picture to enlarge.

February 22, 2016

Chart for Foley 357 Carbide Grinder

This large chart shows how to set hook and top clearances on the Foley Model 357 Carbide Grinder. This comes from John Wilson, a member of our Facebook group, thank you.
Link to chart

January 4, 2016

Wardwell Saw Filers and Saw Grinders

Google Books
Wardwell Manufacturing Co. of Cleveland, Ohio made band saw filers, saw grinders, saw setters, and other machinery. It began as a partnership between Frank Wellington Wardwell, Jr. (1878-1954) and Hugh B. Foley, inventor of the Foley saw filer. Foley-Wardwell Manufacturing Co. incorporated in 1912 in Cleveland. Despite their similar interests, the men separated about 2 years later, and the company changed names to Wardwell Manufacturing Co. In 1956 they were located at 3812 Ridge Rd., Cleveland, OH. The Wardwell Automatic Circular Saw Grinder Model 57T is sold at Leland-Gifford Products in Akron, OH.

Frank Wardwell had at least 9 US patents. This Google Books link is to a 1915 article about Wardwell's metal cutting band saw sharpener, a much more sophisticated machine than Foley's saw filer at the time. I have scanned Wardwell's Catalog No. 48.

Some of Wardwell's filers used double-ended tapered saw files. I learned of the company from an eBay listing for files stamped "WARDWELL".

Here is a recent YouTube video of a Wardwell circular saw grinder running.
Google Books