July 14, 2011

How to find a Stanley 42X saw set on eBay

3 steps to finding the most-recommended saw set, the Stanley 42X, on eBay, without overpaying:

1. Read How to Win at eBay

2. Use an eBay search which I developed.  Copy and paste this into your search box for All Categories and save it.  This will get almost all Stanley saw sets while excluding almost all stuff you aren't looking for.
  stanley (saw,handsaw) (setter,set,tooth) -sharp -hole -kit -multi -mitre -hard -3-N-1 -20-092 -chalkline

3.  By studying eBay pictures, learn what a 42X looks like from every angle.  Do not depend on the seller's description - it may be incomplete or missing.

Be persistent, and good luck!