March 20, 2012

Sources for taper saw files

As most of you know, finding good quality taper saw files is a challenge.  If taper saw files are still made in the US, I am not aware of it, but those were top quality.  New old stock American and Canadian made files do show up on eBay and at flea markets, and sometimes can be purchased with saw filers.  Some of the US file manufacturers were Nicholson (including Black Diamond and Arcade), Simonds, Johnson, Heller Brothers, Lenox, Disston, Atkins, Lutz, K&F, and Delta.  These makers also packaged saws for store brands and wholesalers like Sears, Wards, Western Auto, Keen Kutter, and Belknap.  Grobet made taper saw files in Canada.  

The complete 1976 Simonds file catalog is available in 2 parts on this site.  Taper saw files are in the American pattern section.

Some sources for new files are:
Any local hardware store.  I am in mine several times a month and did not realize they had a few US made 6" double extra slims until recently, so I bought them all.

Indoor and outdoor flea markets can also be good sources for US made files of all kinds.  There are usually several files in almost every toolbox I check, and taper saw files show up regularly.  Even with toolbox knocks and a bit of rust, they are well worth the $1 or $2 each I have paid.  Also, if you have an antique tool club near you, join and attend meetings, as other members are good sources for files.

Heller Brothers Nucut files box

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  1. I recently came across a foley belsaw model 1055 sharpall, I could not pass it up for the price, the problem is I have no experience with this machine and it came with numerous atatchments and gadgets but no operators manual or instruction manual, need one desperately