July 14, 2012

Replacement Flywheel Handle for F-61 Saw Filer

The original handle on the Model 61 saw filer is a small steel one that can be uncomfortable to use frequently.  When I cleaned up a filer whose handle was damaged, I searched for a plastic substitute, ideally with a sturdy 3/8 inch stud and an internal bearing or bushing.  Grainger’s does not have one.  Carr Lane makes what they call a revolving handle that looked ideal, but I found something else I could order from Amazon. It’s Custom Accessories’ Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner.  The wheel spinner has a 9mm socket screw that goes through the handle to attach it to a clamp.  The screw head is hidden by a threaded plastic cap.
After removing the flywheel, I drilled out the original handle from the back with a 3/8 inch bit.  I swapped the metric bolt for a 3/8-24 x 2 inch hex bolt.  There is enough room in the handle’s recess for a deep thinwall socket.  I installed the handle with a nut on each side of the flywheel.  Use a good lock washer, Loctite, or locking nut to keep the handle from coming loose.

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